Laura was our ray of sunshine who demonstrated a tremendous amount of courage, fortitude, generosity and compassion for others while fighting fiercely for her own life. And so our mission is to raise awareness of neuroblastoma and funds to assist doctors, hospitals and researchers in their efforts to find a cure for neuroblastoma. We recognize that finding a cure for neuroblastoma is only half the battle. Finding new and innovative ways to treat this disease, understanding it, and promoting awareness of it are just as important. All of these goals are attainable toward finding a cure but not without adequate funding. Soupy for Loopy Foundation, together with people like you, can make a difference in a sick child’s life. It may mean …

• a quality of life that would not otherwise be an option. 
• giving parents hope that their child will get better. 

• learning more about this disease so early detection can mean a better chance for survival.

• a cure … wouldn’t that be wonderful!  

Mission Statement

Soupy for Loopy is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant