Soupy for Loopy is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant

Soupy for Loopy is no longer participating in this program.  Thank you for your support !

           Carmella M. Avery                   Amelia M. Leith

            Martin A. Bilafer                    Mollie A. Pajak

Maryann Cowell                   Raymond J. Plante

             Anne P. Cullen                    Barbara A. Rossetti

              Evelyn Ewig                          Grace C. Rossetti

     Barbara Fleming-Tate                Vera G. Sponburgh

            Walter Kosko                          Edward A. Sypek

          Irene J. Gutowski                      Eileen M. Sypek

       Irene A. Kwiatkowski                    Donna Thoren

     Michael S. Kwiatkowski               Stella J. Wszolek


Charity of Choice

You can help us fulfill our mission by making Soupy for Loopy Foundation your charity of choice to remember or honor a loved one or memorable occasion.

We are very grateful to these families for thinking of Soupy for Loopy as the charity of choice to remember or honor their loved ones.