Soupy for Loopy is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant

“Thanks to generous funding from the Soupy for Loopy Foundation, we have made progress in our quest to develop more specific and less toxic therapies for neuroblastoma. We have been able to make the new compound we sought to create and have developed the animal models necessary to do the work. We have successfully synthesized 211At (a new very potent radioactive agent) and used a novel method to make a drug we can give to patients that we call 211At-MABG (MABG). We have shown that the compound specifically kills neuroblastoma cells in a test tube, and we are now poised to compare the safety and anti-tumor activity of this agent compared to 131I- MIBG (MIBG), which is now used commonly for children with refractory neuroblastoma. We will also perform a series of experiments that we prepared thanks to Soupy-for-Loopy funding that is allowing us to determine which drugs are best to combine with MIBG and MABG—studies designed to further improve the cure rates with these medicines. Soupy-for-Loopy funding was absolute essential to get this complicated project that requires collaborations in bioengineering, radiochemistry and nuclear medicine off the ground, and allowed us to develop the data necessary for additional funding through the Department of Defense. Our ultimate success will be defined by direct impact on patients and we are already making in-roads there with MIBG and have enthusiasm that MABG will be a much better drug for children with neuroblastoma.”

Progress Statement from Dr. John Maris at CHOP November 2013

Progress Statements (I-MIBG / MABG)